Ann’s Story

My name is Ann Laurie and I’ve been married to my husband David for almost 20 years. We have 2 children, Jennifer 18 and David 17. We lead a somewhat normal life except for the fact that I have Multiple Sclerosis. My journey began in 1987. I was an avid runner and looked forward to…

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Connor’s Story

Connor is now 18 years old. He was diagnosed at 3 months old with CF. His early years were spent doing many breathing treatments and chest physical therapy. As the years passed, his profound fatigue was quite a puzzle. He was then diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. The intake of daily meds rose to approximately 40…

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Robin’s Story

It has been a joke in my house that things always happen to me when I’m on vacation. In July 2000 I experienced light sensitivity. I don’t remember much that led to my diagnosis of “dry eye” but I do remember having a brain M.R.I. and being thrilled when I was told I didn’t have…

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Will’s Story

Will was diagnosed with CF at three months old and has battled the disease hard ever since. Although he spends numerous hours each day caring for his lungs by using a vibrating “vest”, unfortunately his body has been significantly damaged due to Cystic Fibrosis. He is now fifteen and a recent recipient of a liver…

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